Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp.

Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corporation (RDAC) was formed in 1983 and has been consistently providing Orange County with an array of comprehensive housing counseling ever since.

RDAC'S mission is to encourage vital, healthy and stable communities by providing and preserving a broad array of attainable and sustainable housing opportunities for people within a wide income range.RDAC also promotes and supports related community issues as they influence shelter,quality of life, economic opportunity and diversity.RDAC has structured or rehabilitated over 1000 housing units, assisted hundreds of residents obtain mortgage financing, and helped thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure through outreach,education,scam prevention and counseling to explore sustainable alternatives to foreclosure.RDAC currently operates pre-purchase and post-purchase counseling services including Foreclosure Prevention, and Foreclosure Mitigation & Resolution.RDAC currently administers a $350,000 Acquisition/Rehabilitation program from the Affordable Housing Corporation as well as the other programs such as the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York's First Home Club.
Recent news:
RUPCO, Inc., a Rural Preservation Company (RPC) has completed a formal affiliation with neighboring Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp. (RDDAC), also an RPC. Both Corporations remain but now in a parent-subsidiary relationship with RUPCO as the parent company. Both corporations maintain their independent 501 c 3 status and presently. Former RDAC staff has now become RUPCO staff members and the two organizations have signed a services Agreement for RUPCO to provide staff & services to RDAC.
The affiliation will better coordinate and deliver housing & community development services in the region to better assist clients.
Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp. requires clients to contact them for follow up before being issued you a certificate of completion.

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