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We strive to assist individuals and families to attain decent and affordable housing, thereby empowering them to achieve their part of the American Dream, "Homeownership."

We are a HUD Approved housing agency that counsels in the following areas: Home Buyers, Financial, Rental, Homeless, Fair Housing, and Post Purchase.

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  • eHome América en Español

    Estados Unidos Premier Online para compradores de vivienda

    Aprenda cómo:

    • Comprar una casa
    • Obtener un préstamo hipotecario
    • Mantener su hogar

    Certificado de Finalización otorgado al terminar

    $99.00/ Por Registro

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  • Homebuyer Education Course

    America's Premier Online Homebuyer Education

    Learn how to:

    • Determine if homeownership is right for you
    • Shop for a home
    • Maintain your home

    Certificate of completion awarded upon completion if allowed by Partner Agency

    $99.00/ Per Registration

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